PARC RGM specialises in determining longer term average radon levels utilising very well established, globally accepted and globally practised methodology employing state of the art equipment 

We deliver radon monitoring services throughout South Africa and neighbouring Countries.

The health threats of radon, mainly pertaining to the potential development of lung cancer, are well known and the indoor levels of radon in workplaces and homes in for instance northern America and Europe had been meticulously documented. Experience gained over the past more than 15 years in monitoring radon for the SA gold and uranium mines renders PARC RGM ideally suited to address the current awareness and drive to establish the indoor levels of radon in South African homes. Determining the radon level in an individual home is cheap and easy: order the required number from PARC RGM, receive the monitors by postal service, deploy them as prescribed, send them back, and receive the answer after analysis.

Our core business comprises of the following:



Manufacturing of Radon Gas Monitors based mainly on nuclear track analysis technology.



Analysis of exposed monitors and reporting of radon exposure levels.


Enabling consultation

The service provider of choice for South African radon consultants

We service major well-established clients in South Africa and key industries which include the following:


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